ASAP Rocky Breaks Down Twelvyy’s Role in the Development of Virgil Abloh's Off-White

Rocky did an interview with Kerwin Frost spanning more than an hour and touching on a litany of topics.

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As teased late last month, Kerwin Frost recently sat down for a lengthy joint interview with ASAP Rocky and Ian Connor, during which the two covered a range of topics including the crack cocaine-inspired origin of the Off-White name and the continued influence of the ASAP collective. 

Speaking on Virgil Abloh's beloved Milan-founded label about 39 minutes into the chat, Rocky shared his thoughts on how certain fashion developments in recent years simply wouldn't have happened without the existence of ASAP.

"If it wasn't for ASAP, man, there wouldn't be no Hood by Air like there was Hood by Air, there wouldn't be no Pyrex, Off-White," Rocky said, with Connor pointing out that Off-White became Off-White because of some well-known Pyrex-related legal issues. But make no mistake, Flacko acknowledged that his relationship with Virgil has been symbiotic.

"Virgil designed my whole tour merch, my first tour ever. I've been fuckin' with Virg, bro," Rocky said. "[...] I ain't gonna sit here and take nothing away from Virg, because Virg been in the field, too, with us."

This isn't the first time Rocky and the ASAP crew have shown love to Virgil's Off-White. Rocky has been spotted wearing several of the label's pieces—most notably the Off-White x Nike collab. And in 2017, his AWGE creative agency connected with Off-White for an exclusive T-shirt design and Los Angeles pop-up shop

Rocky and Connor both shouted out ASAP Twelvyy for the Off-White distinction, with Rocky explaining that Twelvyy "named that with Virgil" after a dissection of the other Pyrex's once-favored use of cooking crack cocaine.

"Well, you know what they only use Pyrex for, they use it to cook off-white . . . people don't know that they're wearing something called 'crack,' like they might as well say crack," Rocky said. "It's called Off-White because that's what you cook in the pipe. He was like, Off-White. That's why Off-Wite looks identical to Pyrex." 


Rocky and company also talked Been Trill's "corny twist," the early ASAP adoption of punk-infused live performances, the difference between wearing clothes and wearing pieces, Luka Sabbat, and more. See the full interview with Rocky and Connor, who was the subject of a Business of Fashion article earlier this year titled "Why Hasn't #MeToo Come for Ian Connor?," via the video up top.

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