Amuse Your Mom for Mother's Day with a Kim Kardashian Inspired Card

Make your mom laugh for Mother's Day with one of these cards from Etsy.

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As a friendly reminder, Mother's Day is only 10 days away and what could be more glorious than giving your mom a card that features a doodle of Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine cover? Probably a lot of things, unless she has an equally glorious sense of humor.

Etsy shop Diamond Donatello has you covered this year with its extensive collection of hilariously unconventional cards. It also takes the guess work out of how you can possibly make use of 2Pac's "Dear Mama" without seeming like the weakest link in the sibling chain. In addition to some Kim K options, you can also opt for a Drake or Kanye inspired tribute to your mama.  

Head over to Etsy to cop one of these amusing cards.





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