FUCT's Second SSDD Delivery of Dope Basics and Outerwear Is Available Now at Goodhood

Americana inspired goods from the mind of designer Erik Brunetti.

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The second release from FUCT's SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) diffusion line just landed at the Goodhood store, and it's full of awesome basics and outerwear.

The collection includes plain essentials like a thermal and two-pack icy white tees, plus outerwear with "FUCT" on them. Though the brand's use of lettering on the aforementioned outerwear may not jog some people's memories, typography nerds will notice the font is inspired by Nirvana's album, Bleach.

Also included in the mix is a football jersey and a button-down with the Death Bunny logo scattered all over.

SSDD's collection focuses more on Americana inspired styles, so there are no crazy thought-provoking graphics here. But with a name like FUCT on your clothes, people are still going to be asking questions.

Get your favorites now at the Goodhood website.

[via Goodhood]

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