Men of America: Lululemon is Coming For You

Lululemon loves their male customers, too.

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It seems that once a year or so, Lululemon tries to press the fact that they don’t just appeal to women. Without changing their branding or logo, they opened a full store dedicated to dudes in New York City. Now, the company is banking on men for its future growth.

After they poached their current creative director Lee Holman from Nike last fall, the athletics apparel company hopes to double their revenue to a full $4 billion by 2020. And though they see their women’s business accounting for most of that, the company hopes to build their men’s offering into a billion dollar moneymaker. And not without reason: In 2015, the company said they saw men’s sales increase on an average of 20% each quarter. To continue that, expect to see more brick and mortar Lululemon locations (likely some that are men-specific), as well as what Holman calls a “pipeline of innovation for men’s and women’s.” We'll see what that means, although we can guess those innovations might look something like the anti-ball-crushing pant.

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