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Yesterday, we gave a preview of A$AP Rocky's editorial for Mr. Porter. Now, we have the complete story. While unfortunately there aren't new images, there is a plethora of fashion related knowledge that Rocky departed for his fans. Rocky's love for fashion and style started like most everyone else's who grew up in the '90s. "At the age of eight I started getting into fashion, brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, and Ralph Lauren," Rocky tells the British e-tailer.

But as the years went on, Rocky's taste started to change. "But in 2005 I started wearing John Richmond jeans. I was into Prada and Dolce & Gabbana at the time and that's why I started to wear tight jeans, because I wanted to be a model," Rocky recalls.

The rapper even got work as a model, and that's what kept him in the fashion world. "I started to do freelance work for Calvin Klein. So I was slim and it just stuck," Rocky remembers.

Still, with all the fashion cred that he has received, Rocky just wants to remain a fan of the designers that he loves, not join them. "It would be disrespectful to take my stardom and bully my way into the fashion industry, because I didn't go to [fashion] school to learn about design, sketching and fabrics. I just enjoy it; I'm a consumer," says Rocky.

Even with his gold teeth and taste for high-fashion, Rocky is not a fan of diamonds or excessive jewelry. "I have a Rolex, but no diamonds. Rappers wear diamonds to compensate for a lack of fashion sense. I don't even have pierced ears—I'm not into that, it's too much," Rocky concludes. Catch the full feature over at Mr. Porter now.

[via Mr. Porter]

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