Watch Yayoi Kusama Talk About Her New Exhibition "I Who Have Arrived in Heaven"

A Japanese artist explores the themes of life and death with vivid and intriguing imagery.

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84-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s debut exhibition “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven” is now on display at David Zwirner Galleryin New York City. The exhibition is massive, spanning the gallery's three showrooms and attracting visitors to its two immersive installations.

As a whole, “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven” confronts the eternal yet pressing questions of life and death. Psychedelic colors, twinkling lights, bright wigs, and simple shapes collide, challenging viewers to grasp the artist’s vision and procedure. Recurring images like eyes and faces taunt us with questions of our own significance, while flower sculptures and paintings that recall cell biology bluntly remind us of our present existence.

Watch Kusama discuss the landmark exhibition in the video above.

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