There Is Now an Instragram Account Dedicated to the Dadbod

A new Instagram account celebrates the dadbod among college guys.

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Much like the beer bellies it was inspired by, the dadbod trend seems to be only getting bigger.

After making mainstream headlines last week, thanks to a feature by The Cut, people began to acknowledge this specific body structure, which often went unnoticed because of how average it was. But as proven by the normcore fad, the nation clearly has thing for the ordinary.

This week, Uproxx discovered a new Instagram account that celebrates the dadbod, specifically among college men. It’s a pretty amusing collection of images featuring pasty, young dudes who sport their flab with little to no shame.

You can check out some of the Instagram pictures below. Maybe you’ll be inspired to embrace your less-than-ideal frame, or maybe you’ll be inspired to put down the beer and hit the gym. 


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