The year is 1927. A young girl with her collection of round, cardboard caps taken from milk bottles prepares to face off against her opponent in a game of Milk Caps. For the better part of a year, this girl has been saving her caps, hoping, praying even, that she will be able to defeat an opponent in a schoolyard showdown. Nobody knows the result of that fateful battle, but what is known about the conquest of this young woman, and other brave warriors like her, is that more than 60 years later, her little schoolyard game would go on to become a worldwide phenomenon known as Pogs.

The little girl, named Blossom Galbiso, grew up to become a teacher and counselor at an elementary school in Oahu, where she introduced the generation of ‘90s kids to the game that shaped her childhood.

The game spread like wildfire. Soon the Company that manufactured the caps (that were being sold as a promotional item with Passion Orange Guava juice, hence the name Pogs), were shipping millions of caps to Hawaii each week, and it would be a matter of time before the game reached the mainland.

Soon, you couldn’t go anywhere without finding Pogs, and small children were selling their souls to the devil in order to get their hands on some of the rarer caps. Reaching peak popularity in the mid ‘90s, Pogs came a long way from the plain cardboard milk caps that they once were. They now featured images from pop culture ranging anywhere from sports stars, to superheroes and television characters, and let's not forget the decade-appropriate holographic drawings. But sadly, the fad was not meant to last, and when the Pog bubble burst after about 3 years, there was so much oversaturation in the market that Pogs were left relatively worthless.

That said, there are a couple of milk caps that are hard to come by. We're not saying they'll hold their value over time, but you never know. Here are the 10 rarest Pogs from the '90s.

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