Jay Z Literally Rocks Tom Ford on the "Magna Carta World Tour"

He also did not pop Molly.

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The tour that's been making news of late is the "Yeezus Tour," what with all of Kanye West's wild theatrics and rants visionary streams of consciousness. But Jay Z has been rocking out on the "Magna Carta World Tour," and photographer Lenny S., aka Kodak Lens, captured a clever stage outfit from the brand BBP.

Hov and BBP took "I don't pop Molly/I rock Tom Ford" quite literally, putting the designer on his back along with Ford's birth year of '61. The shirt also has "MOLLY" on the back, completing the lyrics from "Tom Ford." And while the designer is creating a 600 piece collection for Justin Timberlake's "20/20 World Experience Tour," no word yet if Tom Ford is getting in the T-shirt game with Jay Z. Until then, both you and Hov can pick up a Tom Ford tee or a plethora of other pieces from BBP.

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