NYC’s Paperboy Love Prince Spreads All the Love & Holiday Cheer This Season

Target taps NYC artist Paperboy Love Prince in episode two of ‘The Giving Season’ video series. Get inspired by how the creator gives back to the community.

The holidays are the greatest time of the year for a reason. There’s so much love, joy, and cheer going around that you can’t help but feel grateful for the season. And a major contributor to the good vibes is NYC artist Paperboy Love Prince, who Target tapped for the second episode of The Giving Season video series. 

As a creator, Paperboy Love Prince encourages self-expression via their Love Gallery. “I love the holidays as a chance to express yourself,” they share in the clip. “It’s a time when you’re around family and friends who are out of town, it’s kind of a unique opportunity to make something happen.” Paperboy Prince Target

In addition to positive energy, the gallery has provided over $3 million worth of food and produce to the community just last year. Paperboy Love Prince even has a version of it on wheels called the Love Tank, which is a decorated school bus that drives around the city delivering clothes, food, and other essentials to those in need. Paperboy Prince Community LeaderBut Paperboy Love Prince’s incredible efforts don’t stop there. Their community leadership and support is year-round. “One of the main things we want to do is stay consistent… it means so much to folks because they feel like you didn’t forget about us,” they add. Target Holiday Giving BackSo to help Paperboy Love Prince keep the momentum going, Target gifts them a variety of items for toy drives and the other annual initiatives they organize. Scroll back up to watch the full video and learn more about Paperboy Love Prince along with their heart-warming work at the Love Gallery. Target Holiday The Giving SeasonFor another note-worthy holiday story, make sure to press play here (will link to episode one) for the series’ first episode with Principal Akbar Cook featuring his Lights On! program that has been making a huge difference in the lives of many.

Produced by Lauren Ballantyne, Directed by Talibah Newman Ometu & Spencer Gillespie, Cinematography by Steven Mastorelli, Edited by Travis Wood, Art Direction by Ariel Weaver, and Design by Brandon Banks.


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