Fit Forecast: Shop Cold Weather Staples That Won’t Go Out of Style

Some style trends come and go while others are timeless. Let H&M be your guide to shopping all the timeless must-haves for your closet this fall and winter.

H&M Fit Forecast Cold Weather Trends
Image via H&M
H&M Fit Forecast Cold Weather Trends

When it comes to trends, the general consensus is that they don’t last. Then again, there are exceptions. And H&M’s holiday shop proves it, boasting a plethora of timeless must-haves all in one place. 

The following styles are classic closet staples. If you keep scrolling, you’ll find out exactly why they rise above the rest. So don’t just buy what’s fashionable today. Instead, make an investment in your fashion future by keeping our tips in mind to build a wardrobe that will last. 

Super Sweats

H&M Wool Joggers

Merino Wool Joggers | $70

If you wear sweatpants all the time, join the club. However, this doesn’t mean your favorite fit has to look worn down. To stay looking sharp, treat yourself to these merino wool joggers. Unlike most sweats, these elevated bottoms can easily be dressed up. Now you can be comfortable and stylish no matter where you’re going. 

Pick Plaid

H&M Twill Shirt

Twill Overshirt | $35

Plaid is a solid seasonal print that usually comes in a comfy fabric, which means it’s a fall and winter must. If you’re searching for a seamless way to pump up your attire, go with this shirt. It can be layered underneath a sweater or stand out on its own when paired with neutral outerwear.   

Go-To PJs

H&M Plaid Pajamas

Pajama Shirt and Pants | $50

Given how cold it is outside, no one will blame you for wanting to stay in. But instead of mismatched sleepwear or sweatpants, be better by copping a pair of real pajamas. You’ll feel way more put together even if you never get out of bed. Shouldn’t that always be the goal?

Luxe Leather

H&M Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves | $35

Quality, affordable cold weather accessories can be hard to come by. But these luxurious leather gloves are changing the game, with their good price and soft, wool-blend interior linings. 

Soften Things Up

H&M Shearling Jacket

Faux Shearling-lined Jacket | $99

Speaking of outerwear, shearling is a stylish option you can always count on. In addition to the material being photo-worthy, it’s also a functional fashion essential that ensures you won’t freeze. This style has the shearling on the trim and cuffs so you’ll be cozy all around.

Hype Head Gear

H&M Black Beanie

Rib-knit Hat | $10

A beanie will always be a hype accessory, so if you’re due for a new one, snag this $10 steal. It’s hands down a fashionable and functional way to finish off any fall or winter outfit. Having it on will look cool and feel warm at the same time… what a win-win. 

Just Relax

H&M Relaxed Cable Knit Sweater

Relaxed Cable-knit Sweater | $35

Sweaters are certainly a staple during this time of the year, but be sure to stay on trend and forgo any dated, slim tight fits. This year, buy something more relaxed. Having extra room also makes fall and winter layering easier. When a look is that easy, there’s no doubt you’ll rock it over and over again.

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