Jacket Design for Betabrand Is Inspired by 3-D Printer Files

Potential design for new Betabrand clothes is inspired by technical designs for 3-D printing.

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Clothing upstart label Betabrand has brought an innovative approach to fashion retail, combining crowdfunding with online retailing, to create a system where anyone can submit ideas for new clothing and pieces that receive the most attention are then manufactured.  With the popularity of social media and online forums in fashion these days, its easy to see a future where this kind of instant feedback and community-sourced ideas are a big part of the fashion world. Just imagine if you could tweet at Prada and have a new jacket come out if you got enough retweets and favorites.

This Tyvek jacket design from 3-D printing guru Bre Pettis (of Makerbot) brings a tech nerd sensibility to a lightweight windbreaker with a pattern that is "inspired by the tessellated patterns of 3D mapped images and the name is an ode to the .STL file format." The piece isn't in production yet but looks like it soon will be with the popularity of the design idea on Betabrand's site

You can check out this idea and others (and even submit your own!) on Betabrand's Think Tank section.

 [via BoingBoing]

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