A Bathing Ape Releases the NW20 Shark Hoodie in Every Single Camo it Has Ever Done

Twenty different camo hoodies. Yes, 20.

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Nowhere continues the NW20 campaign, which celebrates 20 years of A Bathing Ape success, with the glorious NW20 shark hoodie.

The shark hoodie has seen many variations, but get ready for even more. The NW20 hoodie was made in every single camo pattern BAPE has ever done. Twenty different black or gray hoodies will have an individual camo on the left hood, right arm, and on the kangaroo pockets, and with slight tweaks in the "World Gone Mad" lettering and print colors. The camo ranges from the original "1st camo", to the red camo made famous by Pharrell, and even some rarer versions like the apeman and digital. All hoodies come with a special drawstring NW20 bag that has a patchwork of all camos stitched together.

BAPE STORE Shibuya in Tokyo will receive a pre-release on March 1, while all other A Bathing Ape retailers will have it in-store on March 2. 

[via BAPE]

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