Cut & Show: Inside 10.Deep (VIDEO)

Watch the latest episode of our style video series to see how this NYC streetwear heavyweight remains on top of the game.

In street-wear, it's all about consistency, and if any brand has remained consistently awesome throughout the years it's NYC-based label 10.Deep. Creative Director/Founder Scott Sasso and Co. have managed to grow the label out of their Brooklyn office into an international company that's known as one of the top street brands in the game, while offering a proven mixtape platform for rappers like Kid Cudi and Donnis to launch their careers.

For the latest installment of our "Cut & Show" series, we spent a few days in Brooklyn with the 10.Deep collective and got insight on how the brand was started out of Sasso's dorm room, as well as a glimpse into the making of the brand's paintballin' Holiday lookbook. Watch the video below to get deep into the inner-workings of 10.Deep...

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