An Artist Recreates James Jebbia, Shawn Stussy, and Other Streetwear Figures Using Only Lego Pieces

Lego fanatic Adly Syairi Ramly recreates streetwear's biggest icons out of the tiny brick toys.

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Adly Syairi Ramly, the artist behind Lego recreations of famous bands, historic World Cup moments, and the figurines wearing your favorite brands, is back making streetwear icons out of the bricks. 

Ramly covers all the founders of your favorite brands, including Shawn Stussy, Shepard Fairey of Obey, fragment design's Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nigo, and many more. Most importantly, though, is the recreation of streetwear's high priest James Jebbia, who Ramly describes on his Instagram as "the man behind arguably world's biggest cult that is [Supreme]."

Add this to the list of badass Lego projects popping up in the past few months, such as this incredible 4-and-a-half-foot model of Cam'ron in his iconic pink mink outfit, and the Lego strip club set

Scroll through the images below to see the full range of Lego-ized designers 


[via Highsnobiety]

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