This Female Model Was the Biggest Thing at Men's Fashion Week

Female model Kris Gottschalk walked in the biggest shows at New York Fashion Week: Men's.

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While fashion shows in general have become less concerned with a person's gender, female model Kris Gottschalk's take over of New York Fashion Week: Men's is a phenomenon in its own right, according to

Gottschalk appeared in several of the shows that took place at the new men's fashion week and was often the only woman included. Garcia Velez, Theory, and Public School all cast her in their shows; she was the only woman in the last. 

It was easy for men's designers to cast the model, who is represented by Elite NYC, thanks to her shaved head, which she only started rocking after a serious motorcycle accident. "I was blond and more commercial [in my early career]," she told "I took a little break and went away and did some traveling. I had an accident and shaved my head as a result." However, the new look has sparked a lot of success for her. "Having a shaved head changes the way people perceive me," she said. "It’s opened me up to new kinds of work, edgier clients. I feel much more comfortable in my skin now." 

Gottschalk's clothing preferences also matches up with her new career trajectory. "I always gravitated toward clothing that was boyish and a little rock ’n’ roll," she said.

Check out images of Gottschalk modeling for men's designers below. 


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