Alive in California: We Take a Trip to Show You a Different Way of Life

These five individuals - Dana Jazayeri, KB Lee, Adam McDermott, Chad Kushner, and Jonathan Whitener - are changing the face of Southern California.

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After nearly 165 years of statehood, California still feels fresh and exciting. What is it about this stretch of land on the Pacific Coast, and why is it that so many people look to the Golden State as a barometer of American innovation? If you ask a Californian, they’ll tell you it has something to do with the following: dedication to vision, passion for craft, and ideas that are ahead of the curve. We’ve long known that California-based company Nixon produces some of the illest watches, wallets, and other accessories around, and not surprisingly, the brand is built on these same California values.

To learn more about Cali’s special alchemy, we talked to five successful non-traditionalists in different fields who are changing their respective industries through passion and constant innovation. As we traveled Southern California, from Venice to the OC, one thing quickly became clear: Each of these gurus has mastered the art of taking risks. For each of them, overcoming obstacles is less a matter of survival and more a matter of fun. Their lives are defined by doing what they love, and by supporting their like-minded customers and audiences. How Californian. Click on the link below to check it out.

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