The Private Life of the Artist Bryant Giles

With an upcoming worldwide gallery tour coming up that he produced himself, get to know more about Bryant Giles.

Bryant Giles’ art is a self-portrait of himself and the world around him, and each sketch and stroke has a means to an end. He starts out with a sketch of a bald head in the middle of a blank canvas or page and builds and builds and builds until it mutates into something he’s comfortable with. Cubes are another theme, representing the various rooms he’s isolated himself in throughout the years, whether it be him and his thoughts, him reading comics, him watching cartoons, or him and his art supplies. Once he breaks out of these rooms, the art starts to explore the ultimate game of life and death, with each painting representing how his subconscious sees the world around him.

These self-portraits, as he calls them, are almost always hairless for reasons he’s only aware of. Hair, to some, represents power, and for an artist whose hair is locked in medium-sized dreads it’s an interesting thing to take in. Bryant doesn't want to disclose his age but my guess would be he’s in his early to mid 20s. He's reserved but not shy, dresses very fashionably in a mix of the latest trends, vintage finds, and custom clothes he made himself, and is infatuated with Japanese culture and Steve Jobs.

With an upcoming worldwide gallery tour that he produced himself, get to know more about Bryant Giles in the video above. And follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and invest in some of his art because it's going to be worth a lot sooner than later.

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