Allen Henson Is Being Sued for Photographing a Model Topless on the Empire State Building Observation Deck

That's $500,000 for each nipple.

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The owners of the Empire State Building are suing controversial photographer Allen Henson for $1 million after he took a few photos of a topless model on the landmark's observation deck this past summer. The lawsuit claims that Henson did not obtain permission for the shoot and that he damaged the building's rep as a "safe and secure family friendly tourist attraction." They also said that Henson's stunt was "potentialy dangerous" and want to have him banned from the site.

The Daily Mailpoints out that this is not the first time that Henson has caused a stir with his photography. His photos of another topless model in a restaurant and posing with NYPD officers went viral online. Henson still insists that his photos are 100% legal according to a 1992 ruling by the New York State Court of Appeals.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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