Amara Por Dios Designs Lamps That Every Sneakerhead Will Want For Christmas

The perfect gift for the sneaker-obsessed among us.

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Sweden-based artist and designer Amara Por Dios has a distinct style that she has been developing through her graffiti and print work for the past couple years, and people have been paying attention. Her art is about to appeal to a whole new audience thanks to her new line of LuminAir lamps. Amara takes authentic sneakers (or "trainers") like the Nike Air Jordan 3 and Adidas Superstar, customizes them with vibrant patterns as if they were any other canvas or wall, and through some unseen magic transforms them into functional custom lamp art pieces with matching shades. Swizz Beatz, the art fiend that he is, has already shown interest, commenting on one of Amara's Instagram photos "Do me a Reebok Pump one."

The artist will be selling the lamps on November 30 at Crepe City, but if you're not in the UK you might want to hit up

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