Lewis Hamilton is a change agent. It may be tough to notice if all you see are the wins he racks up on the racetrack with the Petronas Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 team. But if you take a closer look at everything Hamilton touches, you’ll see it’s been heavily influenced by the 6X Formula One World Champion. 

Take, for example, the car he drives on race weekends. Traditionally, Mercedes-Benz grand prix cars are silver. It’s such a part of the team’s identity that since the 1950s they’ve been dubbed The Silver Arrows. But for the 2020 season, the team fielded a pair of black cars and the driver overalls, as well as the pit crew uniforms, were also black. Who was responsible for this shift from the team’s storied colors? Hamilton, who after seeing the Black Lives Matter movement taking root around the world, implored his team to make a statement. 

The 35-year-old racing star’s mission didn’t stop there. Hamilton also worked with Formula 1 to implement a series of new campaigns meant to signal it no longer was turning a blind eye to the institutional racism that kept the sport’s majority white. Together, they’ve started the We Race As One initiative that includes, among other steps, a pre-race segment in which the drivers come together to kneel before they take to the grid. Taking such a public stance on issues of racism marks a big change in the way the sport conducts itself. It’s tough to imagine another driver having more of an impact on the racing world than Lewis Hamilton over the past half decade.

Away from the track, Hamilton’s record of change continues. In addition to music (he’s recorded a few songs and is teaching himself how to play the piano and guitar), Hamilton is fully engrossed in fashion and the environment. Out of the 20 drivers on the F1 grid, he is far and away the most stylish, seen on his Instagram rocking the latest designers and attending some of the hottest fashion shows in the world. But more than simply being a purveyor and customer, Hamilton always dreamt of designing his own line of clothing—one that completely aligned with his personal viewpoints and style. Enter: Tommy Hilfiger.