Ray-Ban’s new Everglasses category has fans of stylish eyewear covered for occasions and locations where traditional sunglasses would be too dark. Featuring a lineup of classic Ray-Ban frames, like Wayfarers and Aviators, as well as newer styles like the Justin, Everglasses come in three different non-prescription lens styles, including Clear, Evolve, and Blue Light Filters, each with a unique purpose that suits different people's lifestyle needs. And at a time when many people are working from home on laptops and phone screens, Everglasses are being released at the perfect time. 

Ray-Ban Aviator II Blue Light Lenses
Aviator II Clear With Blue Light Lenses via Ray-Ban

First up, the Clear Everglasses category are a pure fashion flex, elevating anyone’s favorite outfits with a dose of sophistication, while providing all-day UVA/UVB protection in a wide selection of timeless frames with completely transparent lenses.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer With Evolve Photochromic Lenses
Wayfarer With Evolve Photochromic Lenses via Ray-Ban

Next, Ray-Ban’s Everglasses trademarked Evolve Photochromic styles are built for flexible living, with lenses that transition from crystal clear to dark grey in response to changing light and weather conditions, offering 100% UV protection along the way. In iconic chunky black frames or sleek, lightweight wire constructions, Evolve Photochromic Everglasses let you move from place to place throughout the day without stopping to think about your eyewear once.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster With Blue Light Lenses
Clubmaster With Blue Light Lenses via Ray-Ban

And finally, many Clear and Evolve Photochromic Everglasses styles are available with Blue Light Filters that reduce eye strain and discomfort caused by computer and phone screens, making them perfect for those who rely on video conferencing and online chat programs for work. No matter how much screen time you log daily, Everglasses Blue Light Filters will protect your eyes, leaving you with more energy that lets you focus without distraction. 

These six styles, as well as dozens more in different finishes and frames, are now available to cop online here.