Coltrane Curtis isn’t just a man with a marketing firm. He's also a Morehouse Man, who used his can’t-stop-won’t-stop attitude to create Team Epiphany, an award-winning influencer agency based in New York. Yes, he’s living the dream now—but Curtis didn’t get there without a dream deferred, too. When he entered Morehouse College, Curtis wanted to be a lawyer. But things changed when he realized a buttoned-up life of practicing law might not be for him. 

Instead, Curtis swerved off the legal path to seek a degree in marketing, which ultimately led him to walk in the footsteps of his father, who'd started his own marketing agency from the top floor of their Brooklyn home. In addition to his father’s influence, Curtis, a proud Bed-Stuy native, also credits Spike Lee with impacting his future, explaining that he, “applied to Morehouse because of Spike, because of Do the Right Thing, because of all those amazing movies.”

After graduation, Curtis was motivated, with success on his mind. He embarked on internships, applied for media jobs, and eventually found gigs as a TV personality and VJ for various networks. In 2005, the honorary ATLien launched his own marketing agency with the initial purpose of having “an excuse to escape Manhattan’s brutal winter to throw parties in Miami,” Curtis explains. Fifteen years later, that small firm has transformed into the influencer agency, while moving back to New York. Team Epiphany now boasts a squad of more than 70 people that does it for the culture and for the likes. Curtis and his agency also work to give back to their community through a unique scholarship program that helps men of Morehouse get job-training internships in the entertainment and media industries. But most important to Curtis, the Team Epiphany founder now manages his agency alongside his wife, Lisa.

Read on to learn about Curtis' thoughts on business, working with his wife, persevering through challenges, and founding a scholarship program.

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