GRAMM continues to rep hard for the rainy city, once again teaming up with SEVENSTORE to redeliver their exclusive capsule collection. 

Back in July, GRAMM turned the heat up on the streets of their Manchester home as they brought their digital Corner Shop concept into the physical world alongside top-tier menswear platform SEVENSTORE. The exclusive pop-up, powered by SEVENSTORE's CONTAINER initiative, welcomed GRAMM's youth-centric audience to come together for a night of fashion and music led by Black Josh and Mason Collective. Attendees of the event got first dips on a slew of GRAMM x SEVENSTORE merch as a blink-and-you'll-miss-it drop. Now, for the first time since the summertime, the collection is set to return. 
Collaboration and the spirit of youth culture have remained at GRAMM's core, echoed by the brand's creative director, AK, when he said: "Youth culture, more than ever, is at the forefront of most things — from fashion to music, to even sports. It's the youth that is dictating what's cool and what's not."

SEVENSTORE will welcome the re-release of their exclusive three-piece GRAMM capsule collection from October 24, with further product deliveries and another event due to make headway later this year. Head over to SEVENSTORE now to stay ahead of the latest products and news.