C.P. Company begins their new global retail project with the opening of their brand new Milan flagship store. 

Developed as an experimental retail platform to deliver customers an immersive shopping experience, with the new store being imagined as a modular stage that shines the spotlight on the rotation of each department. Taking direct inspiration from the dyeing processes of the product lines, a suspended light box fitted with a unique day and night cycle creates an evolving show of colour. Throughout the day seasonal colours from the mainline collection are featured, whereas urban scenery from the "Eyes On The City" campaign appear by night. 

Further immersing the senses, the store is fitted with soundproofing elements to create a controlled sonic experience. There focus on colour is further maintained by the dedicated PANTONE bespoke colour area in which you can get custom colours of select C.P. products, or even bring in your own products to be dyed. 

Take a look inside the new C.P. Company Milan store below, and head to their site for more information. 

All Images via C.P. Company