66north celebrates the start of Summer with the Grandi collection, built from their workwear archives. 

Having a well-established history of producing high-quality workwear for a range of working-class industries for Iceland, 66north has access to a rich archive of staple styles. From fishermen to construction workers, their apparel lines have kept protected for over half a century, and now this legacy is celebrated with a modern edge and effortless style. The Grandi collection is characterised by its concise palette of black and denim blue, with each product built using durable fabrics and finished with contrasting white seams. Release in two parts - a denim line with long sleeves and legs, and a short sleeve and zip-off line - the collection features unisex options as well as gender-specific apparel lines.

Take a closer look at the black, light version of the collection below and head over to 66north to shop the Grandi collection in full. 

All Images via 66north