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Reddit can be one of the most useful resources on this planet. The site is a bastion for everything from bizarre sneaker art to legitimately solid fashion advice.

The latest Reddit creation to catch our eye sits firmly in the latter camp and comes courtesy of user brainagogo, who created a post with a title that explains it all: “Designed a tee & cap inspired by Kanye’s ego. I am your OG and I will be respected.”

So, what does clothing inspired by Kanye’s ego look like? It includes a cap that reads, “I Feel Like a God” in the Pablo font and the pièce de résistance features Wiz Khalifa kneeling before Kanye with the caption “Respect your OG,” which is inspired by the infamous Twitter fight between the two (see reason number 7). 

It's all for sale on, where you can find a few more pieces like tees with a TLOP crossword tee, a lamb wearing Yeezys, and Dragon Ball Z’s Goku laced in Supreme. Goku is a familiar figure on the site and is also seen in Yeezys while jumping over Air Jordan 1 High Breds and vice versa. There’s also a poster with the Yeezy-wearing lamb and another baseball cap.

What makes these pieces even doper is that they’re mega-affordable. With the most expensive pieces listed at $36, you literally have no excuse not to cop. It's certainly more affordable than the Pablo merch Kanye's been selling himself. 

The site clearly took some cues from Yeezus himself while penning its bio: “Welcome to Yeezian, where we celebrate the becoming of Mr. West, our one true Lord & Saviour. The great moments in life are meant to be captured; to be documented and therefore we aim to imprint the brilliance of his life into apparels—to last forever. The future is nigh, and we are here to embrace his takeover.”

Take a look at the full range of products below and shop them here