If you've looked at a photo of Justin Bieber lately, you've probably noticed that the singer has been rocking a bandana around his head. It seems he picked up the new accessory when he kicked-off his "Purpose Tour" last month. These days the bandana is a staple for street style dudes everywhere, but it looks like Aaron Carter thinks he should get credit for his new look.

Last night, Carter posted a side-by-side photo that appears to call Bieber out for stealing his style. 

Clearly, they are both wearing a bandana over their long blond hair in the photos, but the style definitely didn't start with the former pop star. Bieber's tour looks were put together by his stylist Karla Welch and Fear of God's Jerry Lorenzo, who often sports a bandana himself and is mostly likely the source of inspiration. Not to mention, musicians like Axl Rose were wearing a bandana before they were even born.

Shortly after Carter posted the photo yesterday, Bieber shared photos of himself wearing a blue version similar to the one Carter was sporting in the throwback pic. But, it's probably just a coincidence.


This isn't the first time Carter has thrown shade at Bieber. When he released his video for "Beauty and a Beat" in 2012, Carter said that he was copying him. “Justin Bieber’s new video reminds me of my video ‘Aaron’s Party,'" he tweeted.

More recently, after Biebs unveiled his Calvin Klein ads, Carter posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption "No need for Calvin Klein's," which appears to be another dig at Bieber.