A$AP Nast is sitting on the hood of a white Honda, his classic white adidas Sambas planted firmly on the ground. He’s layered a pair of jackets on top of one another, with two gold chains hanging low, resting against an adidas track jacket zipped to his neck. On his lower half, long white tube socks stretch out from underneath a pair of tapered black adidas pants. If you were to take a look at only the Instagram photo Nast posted in mid-January depicting this scene, you might think he was a strict adidas loyalist from head to toe. But, that’s not exactly the case—he switches up his sneakers and his shirts and his jackets, sampling Vans, Astrid Andersen, Supreme, and, famously, Stone Island. The pants, though, often remain consistent; Nast, like a growing number of guys, is faithful to his adidas track pants above all else.

“I wear them for comfort honestly,” he admits. “Sometimes you don’t want to go outside wearing denim or whatever, so you wear something comfortable. If the track pants are made for sport and performance, it’s extremely cozy, it looks really good, too, and I think that’s what people are starting to realize.”