Slate has a short article about a very specific thing, which is pretty much the editorial lifeblood of Four Pins. I mean, our bread and butter is writing short blurbs about esoteric clothing items. We're also straight up fucking garbage most of the time, so we have a special connection with Slate. But onto the matter at hand: Ever wonder why movie directors like to wear blank baseball hats while on set? Slate, naturally, has the answer.

There are a couple sides to this. First of all, some directors are bald and like to cover up their lack of follicular fortitude. Obviously, a baseball hat is a sensible choice for doing so. Second, it shades them from the sun and allows them to look through the camera more easily. This is also very sensible reasoning. The third reason, however, is perhaps the most interesting. In 2012, a former Calvin Klein PR director and talent agent, Josh Reed, launched a lifestyle brand named Gents, offering a "Director's Cap" solely based on the fact that celebrities and Hollywood types would constantly mention to him that they received tons of free clothes, but couldn't find a solid baseball cap. I guess rich people never go shopping at Lids and/or have other people Google shit for them, but they are celebrities, so we will give them the benefit of the doubt of having zero idea how the real world works. The reason the hats in question are blank is, of course, to not cause any fuss with sponsorships. And most actually famous celebrities (not just, like, your favorite personal style blogger or whatever) need baseball caps for when they're avoiding the paparazzi in public. So, I guess the moral of the story here is: Buy a blank baseball hat and pretend you're famous.

[Photo via Ali Express]