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An investigation conducted by the NFL found that the New England Patriots used deflated footballs in the AFC Championship game against the Colts, and one Indianapolis-based cartoonist has the perfect response.

The cartoon from the Colts' hometown newspaper The Indianapolis Star shows limp, deflated footballs in the style of Salvador Dali's melted clocks from The Persistence of MemoryThe cartoonist Gary Varvel posits on Twitter that this would be the result "If [Patriots] Coach Bill Belichick takes up painting." Varvel is surely just one of many irked Colts fans who, despite getting blown out in the game 45-7, probably can't help but feel like they got a raw deal by what the cartoonist refers to as the Cheatriots.

Now, our only question is where was Varvel when the Patriots' Spygate scandal was going down?  

[via The Indianapolis Star]