You may be interested in starting your own art collection, but you don't have the money to hire an art advisor like Diddy or the big bucks to drop on famous works of art like Jay Z. However, just because you're not making a celebrity salary doesn't mean you can't invest in art. 

Kollecto is a new startup that facilitates buying affordable art. Users are paired up with art advisors that help them pick pieces within their price range. Then they can pay for the works in manageable installments. The startup also has a free class about the affordable art world, making it easy for first-time collectors.

We got in touch with Tara Reed (Kollecto Founder) and Emily Havens (Chief Art Advisor at Kollecto) about 10 Ways to Become an Art Collector on a Slim Budget. From buying art online and in-person to finding new pieces in unusual places, these experts have you covered.

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