Just as we have Single Awareness Day, people in China observe something called Singles' Day. Originally meant to be a day of celebrating (or commiserating, let's be honest) the single life, it has actually turned into China's biggest day for shopping. And this year, scores of people stripped down for the occasion. 

A mall in Wuhan city launched an unconventional sales promotion for the holiday, offering free clothes to the first 200 shoppers to enter in their underwear, CCTV News reports. The actual slogan for the special sale? "Take your clothes off, and get new ones for free"—and take off their clothes they did.

Many customers actually arrived at the mall and shopped around in nothing but their undies, receiving up to 1000 yuan (about $162 USD) worth of new clothes of their choosing. Hey if it means saving a bit of cash and scoring free threads, why not? 

Check out some footage from the day below.


[via DramaFever]