Supreme had, and still has, no shame when it comes to re-appropriation. We see it in its designs every single season, but this notion didn't truely gain recognition until the brand took Louis Vuitton's famed monogram-print and stamped it on its skate decks. The message Supreme was sending probably isn't as deep as one may think, but it symbolized its sneering rebellion towards the upper-class by throwing something as reputable as the LV monogram on a deck that was going to get scuffed to shit. Needless to say, LV didn't take much liking to this bite, resulting in the immediate removal and burning of the remaining decks. So, if you managed to get your hands on one, you are sitting on a gold mine. 

Honorable Mentions: Ryan McGinness Pantone Skate Deck, Gucci Box Logo T-Shirt

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