Before you start, these aren't orthotics that the flat-footed goof in your gym class used to rock. Outlier and Feit, like everything the brands do, decided to make the pretty much the most awesome insoles ever that you can slip in any shoe or sneaker. What better way to add a little luxury to your feet than to be stepping on buffalo leather, bro?

The insoles are available in a flat or a wedged version (for those who need or prefer a little more arch support) and will instantly allow you to go barefoot in your favorite shoes this summer without worry. Real leather breathes and has a lot more life in it than cloth inserts normally found in shoes and sneakers. Not only will this make your footwear a little more comfortable, it will stop it from smelling as much, too. At $38 and $48 respectively, they might seem a little pricey, but they're sure to last you the life of a couple pairs of shoes. And that's saying a lot. Buy the insoles from Outlier's e-commerce site.