Making a list of The 50 Greatest Music Photographers Right Now last month was an arduous yet exciting task. It combined in-depth research from within Complex to the music industry and the greater photography community. It also involved a lot of Flickr, Tumblr, and Facebook page research, since many photographers across genres seem to prefer these forms of media over a website. Despite all of it, we recently discovered a few who we wish we hadn't missed.

You can't always get it perfectly right, and thankfully, we became aware of a lot of music photographers worldwide who are masters in their own right. It's a growing genre with a lot of room for newcomers, amateurs, and professionals to thrive. Like we said before, the difficulty of shooting music cannot go unnoticed, and we salute everyone giving it a shot in the photo pit.

We took a lot of the suggestions we received via Twitter and email into account for this list of 25 More Music Photographers You Need To Know. Just because these music photographers didn't make the first cut doesn't mean they're any less great. This list is about celebrating music photography through submissions sent by our readers and the photographers from our previous list. We hope the work of these 25 talented artists inspires discussion about the state of photography at a time where it's more vast and accessible than it's ever been.

Written by @cpasori.

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