SMEAR, Los Angeles

Date: 2011.

Punishment: Two weeks prison, 45 days of graffiti cleanup.

The day after The Los Angeles Times published an article about SMEAR's newfound gallery success, his house was searched as part of a probation check. They seized markers, stickers, wheat-paste posters, prints, and a copy of the newspaper with SMEAR's article before ordering him to turn himself in for probation violation.

SMEAR was on a long probation period for tagging buses in 2007. He was also named in the unique city injunction against the MTA in 2010, which aimed to prevent him from profiting off any artwork sold under the name SMEAR. “They've obtained an unfair advantage because they gained fame and notoriety through criminal acts,” said Anne Tremblay, assistant city attorney. “This is unlawful competition.”

In court he was given two weeks in jail and 45 days of graffiti removal for posting photos of illegal graffiti on his website.