You've always been interested in fashion, so when did you first get into the idea of making a clothing brand?

Well, you know, at the end of the day, we are all interested in fashion. Initially, when we started doing the music, my interests just came from trying to figure out a way to diversify what we was doing, based on the fact that you know, I wasn't a rapper or a producer or anything like that.

Through playing around with just fitting the guys for videos and all of that, and always being a kid that was into fashion — the Polo's, the Tommy Hil's, and all of that stuff that came before. It just made me want to try to expand out and make another avenue for what we was doing. Give it a little oomph, and that was it.

You mentioned being fans of Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, both were definitely big in the mid-90's. So did that influence a lot of design?

Yeah, definitely. Of course, there ain't nothing new under the sun so I had to really look at what they was actually doing in order to try to get a feel for what it was. A lot of the stuff that I did in the beginning was direct stuff that I kind of made our own as Wu-Tang.

But yeah, I definitely had to look at they stuff; they the kings at this shit, they pioneered it on their side of things in Middle America and the international scope. They put it all together; they laid it down. So I was definitely a fan of that at that level of business and I was just trying to emulate that I guess.