You can't watch a music video on YouTube these days without seeing comments about the Illuminati. You know the Illuminati right? The world's richest men who supposedly control the world? Something like that. Well, the organization has become one of pop culture's favorite conspiracy theories ever since hip-hop's elite has been rocking symbols which allude to Freemasonry—like the All Seeing Eye, pyramids, and owls. Each symbol has a meaning to it, which we won't get into (for our own safety), but I'm sure you can figure it out (at your own risk).

We're not confirming anything. In fact, we doubt your favorite rapper or musician is actually in the Illuminati, but just to prove how popular Masonic images have become, we collected photos of 13 celebrities who knowingly or unknowingly flaunted these symbols. So here they are, Fresh Masons: 13 Celebrities Caught Rocking Illuminati Imagery.