The 2021 NFL Draft is quickly approaching and the excitement is building for the three-day event. Fans and pundits will be in bliss as this year’s rookie class finds out where they’ll begin their careers. But every team has a slew of bad picks they’d love to have back. It’s not a knock on anyone. Drafting is hard and not every first-round pick is going to work out. It’s math. 

Sometimes a pick doesn’t work out due to poor scheme or culture fit and a player does well elsewhere. Other times it’s about reaching for an individual over another, and seeing the other player blossom while their own pick flounders. Rarely are any two situations the exact same and it’s easy to second-guess with hindsight.

We’ve found the worst first-round draft pick for every team along with the runner-up since the 2011 draft class. Even the best franchises miss because the draft is a gamble and football isn’t easy to project.