The return of the NBA is inching closer and closer, which also means that the 2020 NBA Draft is also on its way to arriving. While the actual basketball will take center stage – and it obviously should – that doesn’t mean the draft is going to be forgotten about. 

The NBA Draft Lottery is set for August 25, which obviously comes after the time when the playoff fields in both conferences will be set, and the draft itself will be October 16, just a bit after the NBA Finals. 

In our fourth version of the mock draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers FINALLY won the lottery. It should come as a shock to everybody that the team that dominated the NBA Draft Lottery for the first half of the last decade, took four simulations to come up as a winner. Knicks fans get a pretty good draw, too, and then we see Charlotte jump up to third, and the Timberwolves settle in at No. 4. 

NBA Mock Draft Order
Image via Tankathon