The NBA dunk contest can be hit-or-miss, especially when the game’s biggest stars don’t take part. And since this year’s crop of dunkers were relative unknowns, at least for casual basketball fans, it’s no surprise that the reaction to Sunday’s contest was tepid at best. 

In the end, Trail Blazers guard Anfernee Simons beat Knicks rookie Obi Toppin and Pacers guard Cassius Stanley to win the trophy. 

While none of the night’s dunks were particularly memorable, we’ll show you a few because we’re nice. 

If you’re only mildly impressed by the above, you’re not alone. The reaction online was one of indifference and disappointment, a sentiment not helped by the fact that many people thought All-Star Weekend shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Or that it went head-to-head with Meghan Markle’s explosive Oprah interview. Or that once again, the judging was questionable. 

This year, it unfolded during halftime of the All-Star game itself, instead of the usual glitzy Saturday night affair. That meant the usual phalanx of courtside celebs weren’t in attendance to react to the fireworks in real time. The whole thing felt muted and kind of hapless, which wasn’t really any of the participants’ fault. They showed up and showed out, but when this is what we’re used to seeing, Sunday’s event was bound to feel just a little less special. 

And while no celebrities were in attendance, some did chime in on Twitter, including Magic Johnson. Check out some of the more notable reactions to the dunk contest below.