When is enough going to be enough?

Because as the Wizards waste away another season and Bradley Beal keeps balling at an All-NBA level, the questions about how much longer the star shooting guard will put up with losing in the nation’s capital figure to only get louder. And if we’re basing assumptions about desire and devotion based on body language, Beal ain’t exactly giving off positive vibes these days. Would anybody be surprised if sooner rather than later he requests the Wizards ship him out of DC?    

Bradley Beal goes off for FORTY-SEVEN.

…Wizards lose by 18 😔 pic.twitter.com/LSs5t4OpjV

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) January 28, 2021

We already saw one superstar force his way out of a miserable situation in January and while Beal doesn’t exactly have the influence over his organization anywhere near like James Harden did with the Rockets, their situations do feature some parallels. Beal, a 27-year-old two-time All-Star selection and a top 20 player in the league smack dab in the middle of his prime appears frustrated with the Wizards who forever can’t get their shit together. The acquisition of Russell Westbrook has done nothing to make Washington better, the prospects of the Wizards’ fortunes drastically changing for the better appear far-fetched, and Beal only has one more year remaining after this season on the extension he signed back in 2019 before he can opt out. It feels like something has to give here.

While the Wizards probably aren’t going to actively shop Beal just yet because they won't start sweating about the prospects of losing him for nothing until the summer, surely they will continue to field phone calls and maybe even some offers from teams interested in the sharpshooter’s services as the league watches Washington wallow. So what would a deal for Beal look like? And what teams could make a serious play for the Wizards’ leading scorer? Just a few weeks after shipping Harden to Brooklyn secured Houston an absurd amount of first-round draft picks, it’s an intriguing exercise trying to forecast what a deal for Beal could net the Wizards and what teams could credibly land him.