Ranking the 2018 NCAA Tournament Jerseys From 68 to 1

The best and worst jerseys that will be worn during the 2018 NCAA Tournament.

Garrison Brookes UNC Duke 2018
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North Carolina Tar Heels forward Garrison Brooks (15) reacts against Duke Blue Devils forward Marvin Bagley III (35) and forward Javin DeLaurier (12) during the second half of a semifinals game of the 2018 ACC tournament at Barclays Center at Barclays Center.

Garrison Brookes UNC Duke 2018

March Madness is here, which means another year of watching live games on your phone or computer during work or school. Another year of conducting pointless research for your bracket that will ultimately be busted after 48 hours. Another year of losing your money to someone who did not watch a minute of college basketball.

While some put actual analysis and research into their NCAA Tournament predictions, others use methods like judging team mascots or even uniforms. To expedite the latter process, we ranked the entire field based off their uniforms alone.

Team uniform brands vary in the world of college basketball and include everyone from world-renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour to smaller basketball brands like Russell Athletic. Nike has shown its dominance in college hoops as of late, but a lot of teams, especially mid-majors, have opted to go the Under Armour route. So you're guaranteed to see the legendary programs like Duke, North Carolina, and Villanova near the top of the list, but a few mid-majors have snuck into the top-tier of our uniform rankings as well.

Without further ado, here are the best uniforms in this year’s NCAA Tournament from 68 to 1.

68. Marshall

Marshall C USA Tournament 2018

67. Lipscomb

Lipscomb Alabama 2017

66. UMBC

UMBC Arizona 2017

65. Charleston

64. Texas Southern

Texas Southern 2017

63. Loyola-Chicago

Loyola Chicago NCAA Tournament 2018

62. South Dakota State

South Dakota State NCAA Tournament 2018

61. Murray State

60. Nevada

Nevada San Diego State

59. North Carolina Central

North Carolina Central MEAC 2018

58. Auburn

Auburn Bruce Pearl 2018

57. North Carolina State

NC State Lavar Butts 2018

56. Georgia State

Georgia State Simonds 2017

55. Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F Austin 2017

54. Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton 2018

53. Missouri

Missouri Jeremiah Tilmon 2018

52. TCU

TCU Texas Tech 2018

51. UNC Greensboro

UNC Greensboro 2017

50. Tennessee

Tennessee Georgia 2018 Rick Barnes

49. Arkansas

Arkansas Missouri 2018

48. St. Bonaventure

St Bonaventure UCLA NCAA Tournament 2018

47. New Mexico State

New Mexico State WAC Tournament 2018

46. Montana

45. LIU Brooklyn

LIU Brooklyn NCAA Tournament 2018

44. Cincinnati

Cincinnati Bearcats Kyle Washington 2018

43. Purdue

Purdue Carsen Edwards Vincent Edwards 2018

42. Texas Tech

Texas Tech Big 12 Tournament 2018

41. Texas A&M

Texas A&M Bama SEC Tournament 2018

40. Oklahoma

Kevin Jairaj

39. Penn

Penn Ivy League 2018 Getty

38. Wright State

Wright State Penn State 2017

37. Michigan State

Michigan State Big Ten Tournament 2018

36. Virginia

Virginia Nigel Johnson ACC Tournament 2017

35. Bucknell

Bucknell UNC 2017

34. Rhode Island

Rhode Island Mascot 2018

33. Davidson

Davidson A 10 Tournament 2018

32. Ohio State

Ohio State Big Ten Tournament 2018

31. Wichita State

Wichita State Cincinnati 2018

30. San Diego State

San Diego State Colorado State 2018

29. Arizona

DeAndre Ayton 2018 Arizona UCLA

28. West Virginia

WVU Big 12 Tournament 2018

27. Radford

Radford LIU NCAA Tournament 2018

26. Arizona State

Arizona State Cal 2018

25. Texas

Texas TCU 2018

24. Syracuse

Syracuse Boeheim 2018

23. Creighton

Creighton Big East Tournament 2018

22. Florida State

Florida State Louisville 2018

21. Buffalo

Buffalo Syracuse 2017

20. Kansas State

Kansas State Texas Tech 2018

19. Kansas

Kansas Jayhawks Big 12 Tournament 2018

18. Houston

Houston Kelvin Sampson 2018

17. Providence

Providence Xavier 2018

16. Butler

Butler Kelan Martin 2018

15. Alabama

Collin Sexton Bama Miss St 2018

14. Clemson

Clemson BC ACC Tournament 2018

13. Iona

Iona Rickey McGill 2018

12. Michigan

Michigan Big Ten Tournament 2018

11. Xavier

Xavier Blulett 2018

10. UCLA

UCLA NCAA Tournament 2018

9. Virginia Tech

Va Tech Duke 2018

8. Kentucky

Kentucky Coach Cal Tennessee 2018

7. Miami

Miami Virginia Tech 2018

6. Villanova

Villanova Mikal Bridges 2018

5. Seton Hall

Seton Hall Big East Tournament 2018

4. Gonzaga

Gonzaga BYU WCC Tournament 2018

3. Florida

Florida South Carolina 2018

2. Duke

Duke Blue Devils Mascot 2017

1. North Carolina

North Carolina Syracuse 2018

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