The 5 Best Moments From the Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning Golf Match

From Tiger Woods trash talking everyone to Tom Brady shutting the haters up, here are the best moments from 'The Match II' charity golf event.

Peyton Manning/Tiger Woods

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Peyton Manning/Tiger Woods

On Sunday afternoon, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Peyton Manning played 18 holes through heavy rain for our entertainment. Also, they raised $20 million in Covid-19 relief, which is the most important thing. But also, live sports were back, and this was a tremendous return to some normalcy. From the jump you could tell this was going to be special.

All four guys were mic'd up, plus you had the legendary Charles Barkley talking to everyone in their ears, letting them know when they messed up on the course. For Tom Brady, that happened often early on, though he rebounded in a big way. Peyton Manning proved why so many networks want to hire him right now, and his brother Eli proved why he should have been on Twitter years aga. As for Tiger and Phil, they proved that they're still really, really good at this golf thing.

We've put together our favorite moments from the awesome event below. 

Tom Brady Shuts Twitter and Charles Barkley Up

Tom Brady looked human through the first few holes yesterday. It was honestly staggering to see him look so normal doing something. However, right as Twitter was turning up the heat on Tom, he fired back in a huge way, nailing an eagle with his second shot from the fairway. He proved why he's the GOAT and then had some fun with Charles Barkley afterwards. 

Tom Brady Splits His Pants 

It really was the Brady show for most of yesterday and nobody was complaining about it. Right after Brady shocked everyone with the eagle shot, he literally split his pants while reaching down to pull the ball out of the hole. Can't make this stuff up. 

Peyton Manning Trolls Brady 

Peyton is a gem. Watching yesterday made everyone realize why ESPN has been trying to hire him to do Monday Night Football for a few years now. His commentary on the course was a wonderful bonus throughout the round, but his trolling of Brady about Nick Foles and Eli was just legendary. 

Eli Manning's Twitter Jokes 

Who knew Eli Manning was this funny? He live-tweeted the event (like everyone else) and kept the jokes flying all day. It's really a shame that it took this long for Eli to get on Twitter. He's already a master at it. 

Everyone Roasting Each Other

The banter throughout the day was elite. Tiger was shooting jabs left and right. Peyton was joking on Brady all day. Brady threatened to step on Peyton's Tennessee mascot club head cover. The beauty of all of them being mic'd up was we saw the real competitive and natural sides of all of them come out. Four of the greatest to ever do it in their sport were just out on the course talking shit all day. Truly elite level of fun. 

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