Video: High School Sports Captains Were Tricked Into Kissing Their Parents at a Pep Rally

This is pretty nasty, and not in the good way.

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It's one thing to kiss your grandma, and we guess it's acceptable for some people to kiss their parents on the sides of the lips. But to willingly trick your son or daughter into kissing their mom or dad is a little too freaky for us to handle. 

At Rosemont High School in Minnesota, the captains of winter sports team were blindfolded, told that "someone special" would kiss them, then they had to guess who it was. The video takes a twist when the opposite-sex parents roll up and plant big smooches on their kids, some holding it way too long for comfort. The event caused a ton of outrage, and the school announced that it would never repeat the joke ever again. 

[via Yahoo! Sports]

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