Ryan Lochte Almost Didn't Receive Gold Medal Because of His Grill

Old school versus new school.

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After shocking absolutely no one–thanks tape delay–and finishing first in the 400 IM, Ryan Lochte was at the podium waiting to receive his newest accessory, an Olympic gold medal, when another accessory he was sporting almost prevented the whole ceremony from even occurring. According to ESPN's Wayne Drehs, an Olympics official informed Lochte that if he tried to rock the grill on the podium, the swimmer "wouldn't get his gold."

Really? We understand the whole idea of preserving the aura of the Olympic Games and the medal ceremony, but did y'all see how nice that grill was? Hit the other thumb for further proof. With the amount of time and money that went into the making that U.S.-inspired grill, why not show it off on the biggest stage in the world?        

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