This Guy Shouldn't Try a Game-Winning 3-Pointer Ever Again. Ever.

This TCU guard may want to let someone else try and hit the game winner from here on out

Unranked TCU played admirably today against no. 21 Baylor, and had a chance to win the game in the waning seconds with the score tied at 53. 

TCU's Kyan Anderson took the inbounds pass at halfcourt with just over two seconds left, got himself some space above the 3-point line and lined up the game winner. Then, something happened. Perhaps the air conditioner inside the arena went haywire, and the breeze blew Anderson off his feet. Perhaps all of the muscles in his body had a spasm at once. Perhaps he thought about how terrifying the Yellow King was in 'True Detective" and shuttered. Whatever happened, Anderson freaks out and shoots the ball maybe three feet in the air, and it harmlessly hits the shoulder of a Baylor defender, sending the game into overtime.

The Horned Frogs would eventually fall 66-59, and the team may want to rethink what player they want taking the game-winning shot attempt from here on out.

[Via Rob Dauster]

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