Twitter Reactions to the 2016 NBA Draft

The best of the best from the NBA Twittersphere during last night's draft.

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The NBA Draft…the night when dreams are realized, #TrustTheProcess goes viral, and Jay Bilas morphs into a drinking game. It’s the night when playoff teams push to become champions and lottery teams push to become relevant. On draft night, everyone is an expert. Every team has a prayer.

No matter what, though, this is the best night of the year if you’re a basketball fan. Sure, Game 7 of this year’s NBA Finals was legendary and during the regular season we had a team win 73 games. But the draft is the perfect showcase for the digital age. Every year, social media takes the proceedings and supercharges them.

Twitter, in particular, has changed how we digest the draft each summer. Information moves so quickly you can’t keep up. NBA reporters like Adrian Wojnarowski regularly tweet picks before they happen (aka Wojbombs), so by the time the commissioner comes to the podium ready to drop knowledge on the masses, the NBA Twittersphere has already moved on. Reactions come fast and furious, and often make for a more entertaining follow than the actual show itself.

This year was no different. Here’s how Twitter reacted to last night’s NBA Draft:

Joel Embiid sets the stage:

DRAFT DAY!!!! Good luck to all the fellas tonight #TapeDelay

NBA style back in the day...

The day my life changed. Can't believe it's been 13 yrs! 😳 Baggy suits were in at the time FYI #fbf #nbadraft #nba NBA style now:

Last Night, Ben Bentil made Ghana proud. 51st pick in the 2016 #NBADraft by Boston Celtics. Congrats to him
Caris LeVert was the 20th pick in last night’s #NBADraft!

That suit, though. 👀#GoBlue »
Bruh Kris Dunn outchea repping JC Penny with confidence. He's about to be ruthless in the league.

Worst style fail of the night:

😭😭😭 South Carolina man... RT @foolishfoolie: This is why UNC lost the national championship

Boogie Cousins not so subtle subtweet:

Lord give me the strength 🙏🏿

On the Celtic’s Draft Night:

Celtics fans right now #NBADraft
Celtics fans right now...
Are we supposed to reorganize those letters into someone's name or what.
When nobody bites on your horrible bluff and you have to take Jaylen Brown
Jaylen Brown sounds like a guy who uploads “hot beats" to his SoundCloud account. #NBADraft

On Ben Simmons Going #1 Overall:

Congratulations @BenSimmons25. I know you'll make all of us Philly fans proud!!
Welcome to Philly @BenSimmons25! Looking forward to you and @JoelEmbiid dominating at Wells Fargo #TrustTheProcess
Yo @jahlilokafor ... We gotta invite that young buck @BenSimmons25 to join us for that cheesesteak

And more Sixers:

After 3 long years... It took all these guys to reach @BenSimmons25 #TrustTheProcess @BTHypeNBA
Hinkie going to be creeping in the rafters and cellars of Wells Fargo Center next year like The Phantom of the Opera
sam hinkie looks like the villainous adult in every kids movie from the 90s
pg - corpse
sg - furkan korkmaz
sf - timothe luwawu
pf - ben simmons
c - joel embiid


On the Serge Ibaka Trade:

When your boy tells you Serge Ibaka got traded... (longhornnetwork/IG)
The #Thunder just got HOW MUCH for Serge Ibaka from the #Magic??? #NBADraft

On the Thon Maker Pick:

*Thon Maker walks into first practice with a CD book filled with burned mixes from 2003 and a Tamagotchi*
Thon Maker sleeper of the draft watch 10th pik remember what happen in 98

On all those Jimmy Butler rumors:

RT @KCJHoop Gar Forman: "We like Jimmy Butler. We didn't shop Jimmy Butler."
if Thibs passed on Jimmy Butler for LaVine and #5, that's more drunk than I've ever been.

On the Knicks’ absence:

The #NBADraft without the Knicks tonight was like if Seinfeld had an episode without Kramer. Huge comedy was missing.
Watching the #NBADraft as a Knicks fan feels like i attended a party that i wasn't invited to

People taking shots at the Nets:

Turned on the NBA Draft and nobody's in the stands at the Barclays Center. It looks like a Nets game.
Celtics fan thanks Billy King

Throwing shade at skinny Silver and Ingram:

Adam Silver & Brandon Ingram are on the same diet. #NotEating

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