Jeff Francoeur Is the Coolest Dude in Baseball Right Now

Good job Frenchy.

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Jeff Francoeur plays for the Kansas City Royals, which means he has his Octobers free for the foreseeable future (this is not a good thing for baseball players). Despite a strong start to his career, he's settled into mediocrity, and will likely never be the All-Star he looked like when he first came up with the Braves (he is grossly overpaid, so at least he's comfortably settled into mediocrity). But what he does have going for him is the fact that he's just the coolest dude in the major leagues.

Just this season Frenchy has ordered 20 pizzas for fans who were heckling him in an opposing team's stadium, and thrown a baseball wrapped in a $100 into the stands for beer money for fans in his home stadium (presumably they weren't heckling him). And then this week he made a 7-year-old autistic kid's year (his mom's, too), simply by taking a picture with him.

Tammy Blanchard Robertson took her autistic son to an interleague game between Kansas City and Houston Astros this week, and was able to get an autograph and picture with Francoeur before the game. She then posted the pic along with a thank you note to Jeff on her Facebook. It's since become a mini viral hit amongst the "awww" crowd, and snarky tough guys chickenshits like us, too. Well played Frency, well played.

[via Big League Stew]

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